Two Ft. Campbell Soldiers Killed in Training Accident

Two US military killed in Kentucky helicopter crash – army

2 Fort Campbell soldiers killed in Apache crash

The cause of the accident is under investigation. During initial reports of the story, the names of the two soldiers who lost their lives were not released.

Fort Campbell officers say the AH-64E Apache helicopter crashed Friday night time.

The crew was undergoing "routine training" at the time of the incident. No other casualties were reported.

A solemn day has fallen upon Fort Campbell. Gen. Todd Royar, acting senior commander of the 101st Airborne Division and Fort Campbell, in a statement.

Friday's crash comes on the heels of a hard few weeks for military aviation.

He said 'our thoughts and prayers are with the families during this hard time'.

And in March, two Navy pilots died when their fighter jet crashed in Florida.

2 US troopers died in a helicopter accident during education at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the Army claimed on Saturday, indicating the fourth largest USA army aircraft mishap at less than per week.

Also on Tuesday in Djibouti in East Africa a Marin Corps AV-8B Harrier crashed during takeoff.

A US Marine Corps helicopter crashed during training in Southern California on Tuesday.

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