Prince Philip is in 'good spirits' after having a hip replacement. (AAP)

Prince Philip gave up his claim to the Greek throne to marry Elizabeth

GETTY ROYALS Prince Philip gave up his claim to the Greek throne to marry Elizabeth

It described him as being "comfortable and in good spirits".

The husband of Elizabeth II is a whopping 96-years-old, and age anyone should be proud of.

The royal family member was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London Tuesday afternoon for planned surgery on his hip, which took place Wednesday.

In June 2013, Prince Philip reportedly spent 11 nights at a private London Clinic, following an abdominal surgery.

The aging royal did not attend Easter services with the Queen over the weekend because he was having problems with his hip.

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public duties in August 2017, although he still attends the occasional engagement. He has carried out some 22,000 solo royal engagements since Elizabeth became queen in 1952.

The Queen Mother also had a hip replacement at the same hospital in 1995 aged 95.

"The Duke of Edinburgh has undergone a successful hip replacement operation".

Recovery will depend on the individual patient but, in general, doctors get patients on their feet as quickly as possible and discharge them three to five days after the procedure.

A month later he was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital as "a precautionary measure" following an infection arising from a pre-existing condition.

The hospital was rated as "requires improvement" by inspectors previous year.

Philip's condition at the time was thought to not be serious.

Prince Philip has been a constant and often mischievous presence at royal functions for decades and is well-known for punctuating royal pomp with a taste for off-colour jokes.

Patients have to be well enough to cope with a major operation which lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and the rehabilitation afterwards.

"I declare my consent to a contract of matrimony between my most dearly beloved grandson Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle, which I consent I am causing to be signified under the Great Seal and to be entered in the books of the Privy Council", the Queen, 91, said in a statement after a meeting at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, March 14.

"There is a multi-disciplinary team involved in post-operative care, including nurses, physiotherapists and surgeons".

There will be physiotherapy exercises to do at home and crutches are needed for about four to six weeks.

He has been reported to be hobbled by hip pain, but the news of the planned surgery took many by surprise.

Complications which can occur include hip dislocation, infection, injuries to the blood vessels or nerves, a fracture, differences in leg length.

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