Google has made a decision to shut down its URL shortening service

Google has decided to shut down its

Google Ending URL Shortener Support In Favor Of Dynamic Links

Now, Google is making the move to shut down its link shortening service to concentrate on FDL.

Google today announced in a blog post that the company is closing it URL shortner next year in favor of Firebase Dynamic Links. For example, I purchased the domain and after it was linked with, it became my shortened URL.

Notably, Google's URL Shortener service was launched for its Toolbar and FeedBurner, both of which have been shut down.

Do you think Google made a good decision killing off its URL shortening service? Sadly, this service will go down in one year from now, but it will stop accepting new users on April 13, 2018. After this period, all links will continue to redirect. Starting April 13, 2018, the service will no longer accept new users and will discontinue the service for existing users on March 30, 2019. For existing users, the console will continue to work until March 30, 2019.

Firebase is Google's mobile platform for developers to use to help make apps. You can create new links with the Firebase console.

Google's reasoning is that there are more than enough services on the internet, and that allows the company to redirect its efforts towards Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). "We're excited to grow and improve the product going forward". Here are the best alternatives to that let you shorten your links as well as track different types of data... However, Android Police pointed out that FDLs shouldn't technically be referred to as the replacement of short links.

As for developers, FDL short links will automatically detect the user's platform and send the user to either the web or your app, whichever is appropriate.

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