Microsoft reorganizes, forms two major divisions

A typical instance of me using Sets

A typical instance of me using Sets

Alex Kipman, inventor of HoloLens and other devices, will lead a new AI Perception and Mixed Reality team that brings Microsoft's efforts in speech, vision, mixed reality and other perception capabilities under one umbrella.

Microsoft is undergoing a major reorganization, shaking up the Windows group as the company prioritizes the injection of artificial intelligence into its products. Going forward, there will be a new "Experiences & Devices" division, headed by Executive VP Rajesh Jha. In fact, Windows is something that it is hoping to move to cloud for a while, something evident from Windows 10 that differs significantly compared to older operating system versions like Windows 7.

After dropping the bombshell that head of Windows development will be departing from Microsoft, the Windows team manages to keep the wheels of progress greased and running as they seed build 17634 to Skip Ahead Insider participants. Terry Myerson, the man behind Windows' growth so far, has resigned.

The company is establishing an Experiences and Devices team, and a Cloud and AI team, CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement. "The objective of the [Cloud + AI Platform] team is to drive platform coherence and compelling value across all layers of the technology stack, starting with the distributed computing fabric (cloud and edge) to AI (infrastructure, run times, frameworks, tools and high-level services around perception, knowledge and cognition)". Nadella noted that computing experiences have evolving to include multiple senses and are no longer bound to one device at a time. Leadership roles in these four teams were assigned to Panos Panay, Joe Belfiore, Kudo Tsunoda, and Brad Anderson respectively. Within this engineering team, Jason Zander will serve as executive vice president of Azure.

The above is part of a wider Embracing Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge shake-up announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the official Microsoft Blog yesterday.

Microsoft on Thursday announced a big managerial shakeup including the departure of the head of its Windows group as the technology pushes deeper into a future in the cloud. That's a sign of Microsoft's ongoing hybrid cloud strategy; it views Windows, whether on-premises or in the cloud, as part of a unified cloud platform.

The new team is being made with great precision. The team will be zeroed in on Microsoft's mobile offerings, Windows, and its Microsoft 365 productivity suite for the most part.

Microsoft also plans to continue investing into their AI and Research engineering team, which was established approximately two years ago.

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