Apple's new iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance

Apple's new iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance

Apple's new iOS 11.3 lets users control battery performance

Apple iOS 11.3 update - which devices will get it? The update addresses the battery drain issue and has tweaked the battery management system as well.

The most important and useful thing about iOS 11.3 is that the update introduces a new "Battery Health" feature which provides iOS users with more information about their batteries. This feature enables us to see the battery health on our device. Autofill on Safari will now only work when you select a web form field, it is also now available in web views within apps for convenience. This is listed under section Peak Performance Capability.

It also will let you know if the battery is now supporting peak performance capability.

On iPhones with poor battery health, there is now an option to disable the performance-management feature.

While Apple's move ensured that iOS devices last as long as always on a daily charge, no matter what the age of the battery, many felt Apple should have been more upfront making users aware of this fact. Should you upgrade? Here's a brief look at the some of the new features. Previously, Health Records was available to patients who joined the Apple Beta Software Program. Although following in the wake of the Facebook user privacy scandal, the update is in response to a EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The update will also show music videos on Apple Music and also features changes to News with an improved "Top Stories" feature. It allows users to chat directly with businesses for support, to purchase products, to schedule appointments and more.

Searching for a store or a business? The new privacy icon is added with two blue looking hands that will only appear when Apple asks to use your personal information. These conversations can be continued on Apple Watch or Mac. This feature is limited to U.S. for now.

There is another specialty as in iPhone X, four new Animoji characters are also added.

Animoji is animated emoji videos that are created using the facial recognition Face ID technology built into the iPhone X. The A11 Bionic chip and TrueDepth camera give users the ability to recording Animoji messages and even creating "Animoji karaoke videos." using their voice and more than 50 different facial muscle movements.

Apple just released an iOS update for your iPhone and iPad. This comes as a result of a massive backlash that Apple faced when it was found that every iOS update rearranges the processor's performance level preventing it from consuming the same amount of power every time from the constantly draining battery.

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