Peru's president, ensnared in scandals, resigns on eve of impeachment vote

Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski participates in a military event at Rimac army headquarters in Lima

Peru's President Kuczynski Tenders Resignation, Promises Constitutional Transition

The Peruvian leader's resignation comes a less than a day after the main opposition party revealed videos showing his allies allegedly trying to buy votes from other lawmakers in order to avoid an impeachment motion that was due Thursday.

Peru's vice president, Martin Vizcarra, is expected to be sworn in to replace Kuczynski later today.

A new impeachment vote is scheduled to take place Thursday and Kuczynski is once again scrambling for allies — a task made harder by the release of the videos, which prompted the firing of one government official in the video as well as calls from even some of Kuczynski's former allies for the president to immediately resign.

Days after the first impeachment attempt in December, PPK pardoned Alberto Fujimori from a 25-year prison sentence for human rights violations during his 10-year tenure, the news outlet indicated.

Kuczynski survived an impeachment attempt over his Odebrecht ties in December by eight votes after he secured the help of Kenji Fujimori, the brother of Popular Force leader Keiko Fujimori.

Kuczynski denied those allegations Wednesday, asserting that the footage was selectively edited and pushed by his political rivals - foremost among them Keiko Fujimori, prominent opposition politician and daughter of former strongman Alberto Fujimori, who was himself voted out of office in 2000 and pardoned by Kuczynski of human rights crimes late previous year.

"I don't want to be an obstacle blocking our nation from finding the path to unity and harmony that it so much needs and which I was denied", he said, adding that the campaign in favor of his removal had caused "enormous damage" to Peru's democracy.

We're going to turn now to Peru, where that country's USA -backed president has resigned after just 19 months in office. Several predicted that the opposition led by Keiko Fujimori's Fuerza Popular (FP) with Apra and the two left-wing parties would be unable to muster the 87 votes required to oust Kuczynski, in spite of extreme pressure to vote along party lines.

In a 2016 plea deal with the U.S. Justice Department, the construction company admitted to paying almost $800 million in bribes in a dozen countries - all but two of which are in Latin America.

"This government believed that money could buy anything", she wrote. There will always be fearless and worthy Peruvians who are not for sale. Since late Tuesday, Jorge del Castillo, a legislator with the opposition Apra party, and three lawmakers who left Kuczynski's party past year said that they were in favor of impeachment.

Kuczynski said during the week he was confident of defeating the impeachment vote.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was due to deliver a message to the nation later on Wednesday.

The government fired the official late on Tuesday and denied it had awarded any public work contracts in exchange for political support.

Odebrecht said it paid five million dollars in fees to companies linked to Kuczynski when he was Peru's economy minister, under Toledo.

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