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Apple has a secret plant in Silicon Valley where it has been making its now microLED display panels.

The company has further designed chips running its mobile devices for some years.

Apple's screen display suppliers include Samsung, LG Display, Japan Display, Synaptics Inc, and Sharp Corp. A recent report by Bloomberg mentions that Apple is about to make a "significant investment" in the new technology and is likely to use the same in the upcoming iPhone and Apple Watch. They are also expected to offer superior contrast and response times, which could enable deep blacks, bright whites, and smoother animations in Apple's smallest devices.

Mass production MicroLEDs will need new manufacturing equipment. By the time this technology comes to life, something else would have been introduced in the market. It acquired U.S. MicroLED display startup eLux Inc past year through Sharp Corp and other group units. Apple's yet to contact display builders because it does not want to reveal its proprietary technology to other industry members. Currently, the Apple Watch panel comes from LG, as do the LCD screens for the regular iPhones. Also, if Apple succeeds in producing MicroLED displays at volume, it spells trouble for display manufacturers such as Samsung (which now makes the iPhone X's display) and LG Display (which makes the Apple Watch's display). Ray Soneira, who runs screen tester DisplayMate Technologies, says bringing the design in-house is a "golden opportunity" for Apple.

A new secret facility that is near the company's headquarters is reportedly going to be making displays for Apple's products, but these will only be for testing purposes. The facility also has a special area for the intricate process of "growing" LEDs.

A report that Apple (AAPL) is developing its own device displays using next-generation MicroLED screens took down shares of Universal Display (OLED), a provider of an alternative display technology.

According to Bloomberg, the display tech is being developed for an upcoming Apple Watch. However, the screens are significantly brighter than current OLED screens. It is unlikely that this technology will influence iPhone for at least 3 to 5 years. Apple is trying to recruit other manufacturers apart from Samsung to help create the iPhone components.

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