Google spent $270K to reduce pay gap

Women working in the food industry Mangalore | Source Max Pixel

Women working in the food industry Mangalore | Source Max Pixel

HSBC Bank Plc disclosed a mean gender bonus gap of 86 percent.

In 2012 women held 22% of global senior leadership roles.

Men are paid 2½ times more per hour than women on average at banking group HSBC in the United Kingdom, the largest gender pay gap reported to date by a major United Kingdom company.

"Make no mistake: We are eager to withdraw our shareholder proposal at Google, but are concerned that 11% of Google employees are left out of the analysis published today", said Lamb.

Arjuna Capital, asked Google to disclose more publicly about how much male and female employees earn as part of a broader effort to close the gender pay gap in the business world, praised Google for being more forthcoming.

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Blankfein was preparing to stand down as Goldman's CEO after nearly 12 years in charge.

The bank, which employs more than 23,000 people in Britain, is reportedly taking steps to reduce the pay gap, including committing to an aspirational target of women holding 30 per cent of senior roles by 2020.

The gender pay gap is the biggest yet reported by a British financial firm, according to government data, with some firms yet to provide figures ahead of an April deadline set by Prime Minister Theresa May past year.

The company said that, aside from those 228 employees, it has no "significant" gender or racial pay gap among 89 percent of its global workforce. Lloyds Banking Group pay was 32.8 per cent lower on average for women. As of Friday, only about 2,400 of an expected 9,000 companies had submitted data to the government website.

54% of HSBC workers are female, making the figures even more shocking.

"Improving the gender balance across businesses and levels of seniority is a priority and something to which the group management board is committed", Arden continued. Three former employees proceed against Google claiming they were paid and promoted less than their male colleagues.

Other imbalances include the number of female employees in junior roles and on part-time hours. For example, last month, Barclays said that women in its investment bank division earn on average 48% less than men.

Within the almost 63,000 employees included, the company said it found 228 workers with statistically significant pay differences and increased their compensation, which cost the company around $270,000.

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