When Shah Rukh Khan MOURNED for Stephen Hawking!

Did you know Stephen Hawking was also a 'rock star'?

The unfettered mind of Stephen Hawking

Throughout his career Hawking has been lauded over and over for his intelligence and his insights into the world at large and was able to see and understand things about the world that still amaze many of us. Jane told the Radio Times in 2014 that Hawking's fame following the publication of "A Brief History of Time" placed an enormous strain on their relationship, describing some of her former husband's followers as "sycophantic".

For those of you who want to go deeper than The Theory of Everything (now streaming free on Netflix - and a fantastic film, by the way), there are some great documentary series and specials honoring the legendary physicist. "Stephen's breakthroughs in the fields of physics and astronomy not only changed how we view the cosmos, but also has played, and will continue to play, a pivotal role in shaping NASA's efforts to explore our solar system and beyond".

There's so much that can be said about Hawking and his contributions to the world that it likely would make this article run on and on for many pages. But what made him special was his grounded attitude and sense of humour.

Perhaps now more than ever, we live in a time during which science and goodness alike are threatened by the powers that be, and very real, risky issues are overlooked and pointedly dismissed.

"He once said, 'It would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love.' We will miss him forever".

Meanwhile, from the worlds of science, technology and space, Nasa said Prof Hawking's theories "unlocked a universe of possibilities".

Director for Research and Computing Eckhard Elsen said Hawking "was one of the giants, and stars, of physics of the past century".

A few years before his death, Hollywood called. He may not have been the greatest physicist of all time and did not get the Nobel Prize. Hawking had famously said, "Life would be tragic if it weren't amusing", and it seems like he truly believed in it. Previously nothing was believed to escape the black hole's intense gravity.

A brilliant British astrophysicist, Hawking died earlier Wednesday after spending most of his life confined to a wheelchair by motor neurone disease.

When David Gilmour saw a TV ad in the 1990's featuring Hawking he chose to use samples from of it on "Keep Talking" from 1994's The Division Bell and again on "Talkin Hawkin" found on 2014's The Endless River.

Hawking was the best-known theoretical physicist of his time. In his 1998 best-seller, "A Brief History of Time", Hawking wrote that if he ever discovered the "theory of everything," it would be "the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we should know the mind of God". He countered that many great scientists have also been religious.

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