European Union parliament approves Brexit resolution to press United Kingdom in talks

The US has signalled it could exempt certain countries from planned steel and aluminium tariffsMore

The US has signalled it could exempt certain countries from planned steel and aluminium tariffsMore

BRITAIN will come to regret its decision to leave the EU, the president of the European Commission has said.

The proposal restates numerous EU's existing negotiating "red lines" with the United Kingdom, notably that any free trade deal must avoid so-called "cherry picking" - Britain agreeing to follow some European Union rules but not others.

Juncker said that it had already been agreed that there "should be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland".

"If nerve gas was actively used against civilians in one of our member states, I believe that the European Council should, in clear terms, express its full solidarity with the British people and the British government in addressing this issue", said Timmermans, who as Dutch foreign minister accused Russian Federation of downing an airliner flying from Amsterdam over Ukraine in 2014. "Nonetheless we must respect it", he said.

BDI director Joachim Lang urged London to seize the opportunity of an upcoming session by the European Council to present realistic proposals for a close future relationship between the bloc and the departing member.

The EU last week snubbed British Prime Minister Theresa May's calls for a special post-Brexit deal by offering London just a free-trade agreement with no special treatment for Britain's mighty financial sector.

Other sticking points will be avoiding a hard border in Ireland, as well as securing citizens' rights. But Barnier said it dealt with the realities on the ground.

"We're stuck inside a Customs Union".

"Do they also want to distance themselves from our regulatory model, the one that we have constructed together with you - and you with us - for 44 years?"

The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt also called for more details from Ms May. "It's now time to translate speeches into treaties, turn commitments into agreements, and to move from the soundbite, broad suggestions and wishes on the future relationship to specific, workable solutions".

The former UKIP and Brexit leader, who has been a Member of the European Parliament for 19 years, said the bloc under its current leadership was based on the principles of "power without accountability".

"Ms May, we did not vote for a transition period, we voted to leave this organisation, we voted to leave the customs union, we voted to leave the single market", he said.

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