Google Assistant Gets Custom Commands

Google Assistant just made a huge play for the Amazon Alexa device market

Google Assistant gets slew of new features, better 3rd party integration

The latest update adds more functionality to this feature. Notifications, "better media playback", and other brand-name actions will be added within the next few days. It allows third-party developers to create conversation-based actions on Assistant. Actions on Google is the developer side of Google Assistant integrations. So apparently, the end users will get even more features from the Assistant in the coming days. Yes, the consumers now be able to explore mode media from their Android smartphones and smart speakers by giving a proper command to the Google Assistant.

As of now, Google Assistant only supports universal commands such as "on, off, dim" among others. It also means you won't have to use the annoying "Talk to [blank]" command.

Assistant will now also be able to show you information in a carousel like view within the Assistant panel.

Manufacturers have a reason to rejoice as Google announced the introduction of customised voice commands for third-party apps on Assistant. The new feature joins Built-in Device Actions, another recent addition to Assistant's development kit, which lets developers specify particular traits on a given device.

To showcase some of the imaginative ways people are using Actions, we're building a Google Assistant Fun House at SXSW. Users can expect to see these features roll out as they get adopted.

What it implies is that you wouldn't have to say "Talk to Google Home" before issuing a complex custom command and just talk to the device directly.

For example, Todoist, the project management app, comes with support for Actions, in regards to hyper-specific commands to the app like "Mark the first task under Project 'make your graduation film' as done'". Basically, they aim towards the home appliances to make your home even more smarter with the equipment of the Google's Voice assistant.

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