OJ Simpson's lawyer tells book publisher he committed murders, says TMZ

OJ Simpson Admits to Still Being Angry with Nicole Brown at Her Funeral

OJ Simpson says he felt anger toward Nicole Brown Simpson at her funeral: TMZ

Simpson described what he wanted to say to Nicole Brown Simpson. Simpson said the murderer blacked out and when he came to he was covered in blood, according to the tabloid.

It's been 24 years since the 1994 deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, and 23 years since O.J. Simpson's acquittal for their murders.

In another preview for the special, Simpson continues, "I do remember I grabbed the knife".

In an outtake from the special obtained by TMZ, Regan talks about how she managed to land an interview with Simpson and why he chose to title his book, If I Did It. "And she says 'If you damage that, you're gonna have to pay for it.' And I go, 'Well, if I pay for that, I guess I have to pay for this too".

TMZ Sports released a clip of Simpson's 1996 interview with publisher Judith Reagan where he admitted he could not remember what he said to Brown at her funeral, but he was told he could be heard telling her, "I'm sorry". "That was the way it was portrayed to me".

It's really stunning. Regan says Simpson's lawyer said the book couldn't be titled "I Did It" because Simpson needed cover in dealing with his children. "And actually, I thought it was some kind of a scam and didn't believe him and I thought this guy's a lunatic, but I took his number and said I'd call him back".

The big condition? They couldn't call the book just I Did It because then he would have to admit it to his children.

Soledad O'Brien is scheduled to host the special "The Lost Confession?" which will air with limited commercial interruption on Sunday on Fox at 8 p.m.

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