Police identify man who shot self in front of White House

Police: Man dead, after officers reported person with self-inflicted gunshot wound near White House

Secret Service: Male shot himself to death near White House

That new information from police IDs the man as 26-year-old Cameron Ross Burgess from Maylene, Alabama.

Media outlet Al.com reported that an Auburn University spokesman told it that Burgess graduated from the school in 2013. Investigators say the suspect shot himself in the head.

A search of online court records in Alabama shows no prior criminal record, though Burgess did receive a speeding ticket in August 2010 from a State Trooper who stopped him in Tallapoosa County.

"Adult male has been declared deceased", the Washington D.C. Police Department said on Twitter.

The scene outside the White House on Saturday.

"The subject approached the vicinity of the North White House fence line and removed a concealed handgun and fired several rounds, none of which appear at this time to have been directed towards the White House", the Secret Service said in a statement shortly after the incident on Saturday.

No other persons were injured.

Burgess reportedly shot himself amid a crowd of more than 100 people who fled after the gunfire. Police say they are working to notify next of kin.

The Secret Service said Saturday that pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the White House was affected by the incident. His auto, a Honda Accord with Alabama license plates, was parked near the Capital Hilton Hotel and was searched after the shooting. Police said pictures, documents and several items were taken from his auto after a bomb squad did several sweeps.

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