Delta's stance on NRA caters to left, should spark boycotts

NRA members are losing discounts as companies pull out of their partnerships with the pro-gun group

Seth Perlman AP NRA members are losing discounts as companies pull out of their partnerships with the pro-gun group

"It's not very often that somebody with a gun who's a private citizen plays a useful role in ending these mass shooting events", Donohue said.

But the number of companies that have distanced themselves from the NRA or enacted new policies on guns continues to grow by the day.

"We value all our customers but have made a decision to end our discount program with the NRA", the company tweeted.

"That's nearly 100,000 shipments - and more projected this year".

I'm not reflexively hostile to private gun ownership by responsible adults, honest.

Jena has always been interested in how large events influence health outcomes and behavior.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre said, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun", at a press conference after the Sandy Hook shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

Plus, some convention attendees would be owners of shooting ranges and other venues where people use guns: If any of those places shut down during the meeting, Jena said, that could further limit firearm use. A new poll indicates 70 percent of Americans favor stricter gun controls, and companies are hearing the message.

The authors say it's evidence that firearms - even in the hands of experienced users - are inherently risky and accidents don't just happen among novices. Importantly, they did not find any corresponding drop in firearm crime rates on convention days, which suggests NRA meeting attendees are not responsible for a large proportion of US gun crimes-just gun injuries, many of which may be accidental.

Nationally, there was a 20% reduction in firearm injuries during the convention.

"I'm not surprised by the findings", says Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research who was not involved in the study. They want more guns in the workplace, more guns in the home, more guns in school, and some even propose more guns on airplanes. According to the document, the company has struck a deal with dozens of major gun manufacturers and dealers in an effort to woo the industry away from competitors with lower cost shipping.

In Ohio, the GOP gubernatorial primary has turned into an arms race for who can take hardest line in support of gun owners. "But the drop in gun injuries during these large meetings attended by thousands of well-trained gun owners seems to refute the idea that gun injuries stem exclusively from lack of experience and training in gun use". "It could be that firing ranges and hunting grounds are more likely to be closed".

The NRA should be working in cooperation with the federal and state governments to see to it that weapons, which are created to kill, are purchased and used responsibly. But several study details support this explanation. It's plausible, he agreed, that NRA meetings spur a decline in gun injuries.

"Fewer people using guns means fewer gun injuries, which in some ways is not surprising", said Jena, who is also a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

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