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This may lead towards Morgan's exit from the series (leading to his jump to Fear The Walking Dead), but witnessing a young boy stab a man through the neck could also be what stops Morgan from again falling into a revengeful murder hole. The fact that he's still talking on his death bed about a snap decision that took the life of another kid at the prison was a nice character touch that shows the baggage he's lived with ever since that moment. This theory supposes this repeated vision may be telling us Judith and even Michonne, are not long for this world.

In its eight harrowing seasons, AMC's The Walking Dead has never been afraid to kill off beloved main characters - men, women and children alike - which, given the zombie apocalypse setting, isn't that surprising. Then Carl opts to shoot himself in the head, so the two people he loves most won't have to.

Such confidence isn't blind, mind you.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "Whereas we have an answer about that vision from the first episode, this is something we'll get answers to as well". That's not an intention there.

Instead of going out with anger or fear, Carl took some time to take everything in and say goodbye to everyone rather peacefully in the episode titled "Honor". And this is a real problem because if gone unchecked, the use of such meaningless misdirection can really hurt the audience's trust in the story being told.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers - Which scene was the hardest for you to watch in Carl's last episode of The Walking Dead? By my count, Carol and Morgan kill at least 15 more Saviors on screen alone, but we're always apparently meant to think that these numbers are insignificant.

I'm sure everyone considers that the $64,000 question now, since the moment arrived nearly completely out of the blue. But will Rick actually be able to show mercy after losing so many allies to Negan's brutality? He lies in a sewer with Saddiq and Rick and his group as he dies. So how does that factor into things? In one, Rick ends up bleeding out under a tree, imploring forgiveness from the world. Here's how Scott Gimple explained it to THR. That has to do with how Rick evolves or doesn't evolve and what he comes to; Carl has left him with an idea that might not be so easy to embrace. But it's Henry who ends up killing Gavin - with a stick through the throat from behind. And it really sets it up for its next evolution. In the comics, Rick diffuses the violence by directly confronting Negan in front of the full gathered forces of both armies.

Will this season's war end with Negan on Team Alexandria and Rick down an appendage?

What has happened to Rick? He's also seen preparing a cot for when his symptoms come - where Rick found him in the closing moments of the mid-season finale. But just have faith that if we're seeing Rick at his weakest point right now, we're likely also going to see him become stronger than ever in the same time-frame.

Will Rick Grimes' mercy prevail over his wrath? Now, nine episodes later, the phrase is taking on an important new meaning.

"The Lost and the Plunderers", the 10th episode of Walking Dead's eighth season, will air March 4 at 9 p.m. on AMC. In a scene that was sure to stick in the minds of die-hard Walking Dead fans since the December 10 episode, it was revealed that Carl was bitten.

We were then treated to a lovely montage, soundtracked by Bright Eyes' "At the Bottom of Everything", of Carl coming to terms with his impending death.

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