The Bachelor recap: Everyone says 'I love you'

Caroline from'The Bachelor

Caroline from ‘The Bachelor.’ Craig Sjodin Getty Images

Of course, the victor is always remembered, but that's not the only way to win over viewers and become memorable.

Next week on The Bachelor: Arie feels guilty!

Several of the women chimed in, calling her everything from "fake" to a "sociopathic". It didn't ultimately lead to marriage, but considering their differences in personality, finishing third is nothing to ignore.

"In a way, looking back now, I feel like it was pretty appropriate", Arie retorted as the audience cheered. In many seasons' past, a contestant will drop the L-word and the Bachelor or Bachelorette will remain tongue-tied, gagged by a googly eyed smile and unable to confirm that he or she indeed feels the same way. In the same footage, she calls the other women. the c-word. "And, like Arie said, he had to follow his heart and go with his gut and I don't disagree with that".

The rose ceremony: Just to mess with everyone's heads a little more, Arie pulled Kendall aside for a private chat at the start of the rose ceremony.

The next morning, Arie and Kendall reveal that they were up all night talking about things like how they take their eggs-so, the important stuff.

If Reality Steve's reports are correct, Arie will ultimately end up with Lauren Burnham or alone, though he will pop the question to Becca Kufrin in the season 22 finale.

Kendall had a growing fan base leading up to Week 6, but she reached another level of support after her reaction.

From the very beginning of The Bachelor, Kendall Long was able to showcase her unique personality. Rarely are there true teaching moments when it comes to something like The Bachelor, but that's how it all played out. Despite the fact that her team won the group date challenge, she was still holding on to some bottled-up frustration.

Krystal fought back by noting that the women talked about her just as much as she talked about them, and then going back to the argument that she was there for Arie and "really focused" on their relationship. Krystal seeks more closure from Arie, but he seems pretty happy with how he ended their time together.

Seinne also talked about her time on the show, and while she was emotional watching clips of her dates with Arie, she seemed unfazed about not being with Arie and told Chris that she's single and ready to fall in love.

No matter what happens next week, the winning woman will again be faced with the same post-show hurdle of starting a relationship knowing that her fiance was also in love with another woman when he proposed.

Currently, Kendall Long is the creative director of WhoHaha in Beverly Hills. Too bad. She'd be great on "Bachelor in Paradise". After attending college in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University, she moved to the Los Angeles area to get a taste of Hollywood. If that was the case, how come he waited until finding out she was on a dating show to tell her?

As the Deseret News reported in January, Mathias earned some internet attention for a scene in which "The Bachelor" contestants went on a hiking date.

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