Medical student fatally stabbed in random attack while studying in library

Jeffery Yao 24 of Winchester has been arrested in connection with a double stabbing that occurred this morning at Winchester Public Library. Yao has been charged with one count of armed assault with intent to murder and one count of murder.

Woman fatally stabbed inside Winchester Public Library

Yao, who has also been charged with assault with intent to murder, reportedly yelled "incoherently" as he was being arrested. He is being held without bail and is facing murder and assault with intent to murder with a risky weapon charges. He was ordered to be held without bail.

Deane Stryker, a 22-year-old aspiring doctor, was stabbed to death on Sunday while studying at the Winchester Public Library in MA.

A neighbor of Yao's said the 23-year-old had mental health issues.

Taber declined to talk about what he saw, what he did and why he chose to risk his own safety, saying only that he suffered a 5-inch-long gash on his shoulder that was a half-inch deep.

Yao also stabbed a 77-year-old man who attempted to save Stryker. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died of her wounds.

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan and Winchester Police Chief Peter Mac Donnell announce the stabbing death of a woman today inside the Winchester library on Washington Street Staff
Man used hunting knife in brutal slaying at Massachusetts library, authorities say

The Winchester High School graduate was a first-year student in University of New England's College of Osteopathic Medicine, UNE President James Herbert wrote in a Facebook post Sunday evening. Her classmates are shocked. One neighbor even said that they woke up one morning to the sound of Yao slamming against their door. "She was like a bright shining ball of energy that lit up those around her".

Police are seeking a motive in the attack. Yao paused, then turned to Taber, stabbing him across his upper arm before turning back to Stryker to continue the attack, police said.

Friends to the late stabbing victim described her a 'young woman committed to helping others as a physician'. "It's every parents nightmare for both sets of parents", Carney said, adding that Yao should be in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life. Some residents say they were so fearful of him that they wouldn't allow their children to play outside alone.

"I tell my kids to come here after school", said Gina Bellistri. Another neighbour, Leslie Luongo said she was afraid of Yao and "would run to her car" while leaving for work.

"We will employ every support system we can in order to return WHS to a sense of stability and to a calm and safe environment for learning and growing", Winchester High School Principal Dennis Mahoney said in a letter to families Monday.

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