Apple readies two new iPads for release

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Apple Will Be Releasing Two New iPad Models According to Latest Database Filing

Apple has also secured permission to bring several iPad and iPhone "samples" into the region, with "CC" and "AA" prefixes in front of their model numbers.

A recent filing by Apple with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) suggests the company is getting close to releasing two new iPads. First spotted by French website Consomac, the filing specifically mentions two new Apple tablets running iOS 11.

The model numbers mentioned in the filing are "A1893" and "A1954" which don't correspond to any of the iPads that are now available for purchase.

Is This The iPad With Face ID?

As 9to5Mac explains, all signs point to the "tablet computers" being mundane refreshes of the standard iPad line, rather than brand new iPad Pros. Before the announcement of the iPhone X, pre-release iOS 11 code referenced a "Modern" iPhone. The current budget iPad, which launched in March 2017, starts at $329. This is hardly unusual; for example, Apple launched the $329, 9.7-inch iPad in March a year ago.

Many people believe that the "modern iPad" pertains to the iPad Pro 3 2018, and knowing that Apple also used the "modern iPhone" phrase to describe the arrival of the iPhone X past year, it is speculated that the next-gen iPad Pro will share a striking resemblance with the current iPhone flagship. It's possible there'd also be no fanfare this year, especially if it's for an entry-level product. Instead, it is most likely that the models listed in the database are the next-generation 9.5-inch models. Perhaps just a minor spec bump is what consumers should expect, maybe even a slightly better camera.

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