Amazon Rewards Prime Members Who Shop At Whole Foods

Amazon Squeezes More Benefits Out of Whole Foods

Amazon Prime Card Holders To Get 5% Back At Whole Foods Stores

Non-Prime members will get only 3 percent back on Whole Foods purchases under the new plan, which is the same as the 3 percent back those cardmembers get on purchases already.

The thing to keep in mind is that you will receive the five percent bonus only if you're a Prime member.

Expect to see more integration between Amazon's technology and Whole Foods.

Also published on Medium. The move is yet another benefit to being a Prime member and also aims to help undercut the "Whole Paycheck" view of the grocery chain.

The Amazon Rewards Visa Card was launched with Chase previous year. For example, to use the recent Prime Valentine's Day rose promotion, Whole Foods customers had to present a printed bar code.

Amazon cardholders who get the reward points at Whole Foods stores can either convert them into a statement credit, or redeem it online to spend at the Amazon site or other eligible sites.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa users have always earned 5% back on qualifying purchases, but this marks the first time that substantial kickback has been offered outside of the company's ecommerce platform. With a cash rewards credit card offer, shoppers will have a reason to buy more at Whole Foods and within the broader Prime ecosystem. The retailer paid $13.7 billion last summer for Whole Foods.

After the acquisition past year, Amazon Worldwide Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke said that the company is planning to "make Amazon Prime the customer rewards program at Whole Foods Market".

The company past year added hundreds of Whole Foods items to AmazonFresh, its own grocery delivery service that launched more than a decade ago.

Prime Members will want to consider adding Whole Foods to their regular shopping schedule, thanks to a new partnership between, Chase, and Whole Foods Market.

Soon after the deal closed, Amazon devices like the Echo and Fire TV started showing up in stores.

Amazon is merging its Amazon Prime super-fast delivery service with AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service, causing layoffs at its Seattle headquarters, Yahoo Finance has reported.

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