YPG Official Rep: Syria Should Close Airspace for Turkish Jets

Turkish Red Crescent hands out aid in Afrin Syria

Turkey and US agree to mend ties over Syria

Turkey is the main Muslim ally of the United States within North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and one of Washington's most powerful friends in the Middle East dating back to the Cold War era. "Turkey has never used any kind of chemical weapons", Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters Sunday at the Munich Security Conference. "We're going to work together moving forward". We also said they shouldn't deny the weapons delivered and training given [to the YPG].

Turkey has threatened to attack US-allied Kurdish forces in Manbij, whom they regard as terrorists.

Both the US and Turkey consider the Kurdish group in Turkey, known as the Kurdistan Workers' Party, to be a terrorist group.

Turkey on January 19 began an air-and-land military campaign in the Kurdish-controlled Afrin enclave in northern Syria, saying it was targeting Kurdish terrorists.

Syrian Kurdish forces and a monitoring group said the Turkish military carried out a suspected gas attack that wounded six people in Syria's Afrin region on Friday.

Mr. Mattis suggested Mr. Tillerson had successful meetings with Turkish leaders during last week's visit to Ankara.

According to city hospitals in northern Syria, 142 civilians have died so far as a result of the bombing and artillery shelling by the Turkish armed forces.

"We are not going to act alone any longer, the USA doing one thing and Turkey doing another".

In the end, Tillerson and Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu agreed to create what they called a "results-oriented mechanism" to address tensions, starting with their disagreement over USA support for Kurdish fighters in Syria and the potential for clashes there.

Turkey offers the United States to deploy joint military contingent in Northern Syria, but the Kurdish people's protection Units have to leave the town of Manbij.

From the beginning of Turkey's counter-terrorist operation in Afrin, "We saw suppression from the PYD/PKK terrorist organization", Abdullah said, adding: "We refused to fight, and fled Jindires". The Americans knew that their use of Kurdish forces might one day lead to a reckoning with Baghdad and Ankara, but felt they had little choice.

"Holding negotiations is surely valuable but we are most interested in results". He said joint working groups would take up specific issues including troop deployments to address Turkish border security concerns before the middle of March.

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