New iPhone bug blocks users from chat apps

iPhone Telugu bug will be fixed before iOS 11.3, assures Apple

There's an iOS bug, and this is how it affects your iPhone

This issue is faced by iPhones updated with latest iOS 11.2.5 and Apple is yet to release the bug-fix. Once this is done, the Apple TV will search for the update and then you can proceed to download tvOS 11.2.6 by following the on-screen instructions. For some reason, a single character from the Indian Telugu language will cause whatever app it's viewed in to crash repeatedly.

Even worse, if you receive the message on the official Messages app, it can lock up your app on all of your Apple devices too, including iPads or Mac computers.

Yes, there is a short-term solution but users are advised to be little cautious until Apple releases the bug-fix.

IBTimes reported late last week about the complaints users raised regarding a bug that caused Messages and other apps to freeze up whenever they sent, received or encoded a particular Telugu character.

However, Apple's next iOS 11.3 update for iPhones is set to bring a major change in the user experience of old iPhones.

Similar to the iOS 11.2.6 update, watchOS 4.2.3 also fixes the issue that was causing certain characters to crash apps.

iOS 11.2.6 is now available.

The bug also afflicts other third-party applications, such as Gmail and Outlook for iOS. "It seems, however, that the beta of iOS 11.3 is already immune, which is a good signal".

You may clean install the update if you want, but I will not recommend that since is an extremely small update.

It's not ideal, but it should serve as a temporary fix until Apple or Twitter issue a formal bug fix. The company said that the update resolved the memory corruption issue "through improved input validation".

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