Chadwick Boseman wants to make movie about black people in Europe

“Black Panther” Is Everything Marvel Needed

“Black Panther” Is Everything Marvel Needed

A user named @sharkwheat attempted to claim that a photo of a man beaten outside a Dallas nightclub in 2013 was of his brother after being assaulted while seeing "Black Panther". He was jumped just trying to see the movie.

"There was a groundswell of wanting this movie to work, and then when it actually did as a film, itself, it just kicked it up a notch to a level no one could have ever predicted", said Greg Foster, Imax Entertainment's chief executive. The American public is about 40 percent people of color now, and we know that people of color over-index in terms of media consumption. Many have been turning up at moviehouses in African garb or wearing all black in homage to the film. It makes for better, richer storytelling, and we're a business.

The real box office battle is in Asia though. The "Thor" movies kept pushing Asgard as a sort of utopia, but I never saw the general population as more than servants and soldiers who didn't seem particularly happy with their lot in life. You led us into the land of Wakanda without ego, without pretense, without fear'.

Davis has spent his career researching comic books, classic Hollywood cinema, B-movies and African-American cinema and has written three other books on film topics.

Wakanda is what could have been - an African nation in control of its resources, a country untouched by the lingering effects of colonization and slavery. Marvel, which produced "Black Panther", is owned by Disney, which is also the parent company of ABC7. Joss Whedon has also gone on record in an IGN interview, stating that he'd want to direct said film if offered the job.

Sony's ninth weekend of its action-comedy Jumanji: Welcome to Jungle finished fourth with $10 million at 2,800 venues.

Black Panther should dominate moviegoing for several weeks. "They have created something special, something timely and timeless, something personal and crowd-pleasing", says a critic.

"If you look at some of the bigger blockbusters from the past year, they were representative of what the audience are looking for, how they're feeling", said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore. That's when you get to these much bigger than expected debuts.

While there has been interest in a Black Widow movie for some time, this is the first definitive statement that her solo movie is more than a distant possibility.

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