Tinder Plans Bumble-Like Feature That Puts Women in Control

Tinder Will Now Let Women Initiate Conversations First

Tinder goes toe-to-toe with Bumble with upcoming feature

Bumble incorporates the use of swipe-to-Like model-famous on Tinder for single people to connect-but it was incorporated with a twist which was that the women only had the power to start a connection once two people are in mutual likeness with each other on the social platform.

Ginsberg said Tinder's new feature, which appears to be only for women seeking men, is "not a reaction to any competitor".

Tinder is copying rival dating app Bumble by giving women the choice to initiate conversations with their matches.

For the time being the feature seems to only apply to heterosexual users (in the male-female interactions) and there is no word on wider application.

Tinder will make a change to its dating app in an upcoming update that will allow women to message first, according to a report from MarketWatch this morning, which TechCrunch has also confirmed.

On Tinder, women will decide when to enable the feature. This double-opt in design has made Tinder one of the most successful dating apps on the market to date, with now over 3 million paid subscribers in total, accounting for 30 percent of parent company Match's revenue in 2017.

According to MarketWatch, Match Group ended the day with new highs after earnings, likely thanks to the announcement of this new feature.

'Giving people the choice versus telling people how to engage is the big difference'.

Tinder insists that this isn't about "copying" Bumble, but it's just creating a realm that gives women a bit more control over the dating scene.

And the move (apparently) isn't in response to its rival either.

The app is built around a chat system that only allows women to make first contact, after which her match must respond within 24 hours.

"We have to constantly listen to what women want and address their needs, not just on Tinder but on all products", she said.

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