Facebook Tests Downvote Button

Facebook confirms test of a downvote button for flagging comments

Facebook testing 'downvote' option after calls for a 'dislike' button

Thus, when the button is clicked on by a user who disapproves of a comment, the user no longer sees that comment from his profile as it gets instantly hidden.

Facebook is testing a new feature, a "downvote" button that will help users flag content.

That Facebook dislike button you've been asking for has finally arrived, but not in the way you'd think. However, it doesn't ease the fact that Facebook can oftentimes become an echo chamber, and - this is especially true on Reddit - the number of upvotes or downvotes doesn't accurately signify whether the post is right or wrong. Yes, the giant is working on a DownVote button for the comments and not for the main status update.

In addition to being able to like or reply to comments, besides those two features, some users may also see "downvote" displayed.

According to news site Tech Crunch, Facebook is concerned with giving people a chance to make their opinions on the comments to public page posts matter. Moreover, TechCrunch reports that the downvote button only appears on public Page posts and not on posts by any Groups, public figures, or users. This seems to be running for a small set of users in the US.

Facebook is now testing a "downvote" button, effectively creating a counter to the classic "like" button and giving users the opportunity to dislike a friend's post, according to reports.

One user even said that it would just function like Facebook's "hide" option, and it's only "going to become more prominent" through a new button. This is where a dislike button was required.

The new button was first spotted by Taylor Lorenz of the Daily Beast.

Facebook further said, this is just a short-term test and it will not affect the rankings of the comment, page or any particular post.

Facebook has been changing its' newsfeed to show "more meaningful interactions" between friends, family, and brands. Enhancing user engagements was something related to Reactions, though.

Meanwhile, some pointed out that Reddit already has a "downvote" button.

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