Shani Davis rips Team USA over flag bearer coin toss

Shani Davis faced a backlash from US teammates after complaining about losing a coin toss to choose the American flagbearer for the Olympic opening ceremony

Shani Davis rips Team USA over flag bearer coin toss

The honor of being the U.S. flag bearer had been narrowed down to Erin Hamlin, a luger and four-time Olympian, and Shani Davis, a speed skater who has won Olympic gold twice during his career.

She'll be going for gold in the Women's Luge competition, which would best her bronze medal earned at the Sochi Games four years ago.

Luge athlete Erin Hamlin was selected as Team USA's flag bearer for the event after she and Davis tied through several rounds of voting.

Team USA shared the big news on social media of Erin Hamlin being chosen to lead the pack at the opening ceremony. When votes were cast for the U.S. flag bearer, Hamlin and Davis tied, so U.S. Olympic officials gave it all over to chance, and Hamlin won the flip. "No problem. I can wait until 2022", Davis tweeted. Moreover, he seems upset that he lost on a coin flip. Hamlin won the coin toss. One representative from each of the eight different winter sports federations - bobsled and skeleton, ski and snowboarding, figure skating, curling, biathlon, hockey, speedskating, and luge - voted.

Athletes have snubbed the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang - and ex-Team GB skier Chemmy Alcott has revealed why.

Hamlin is the sixth woman in 23 games to carry the U.S. flag, and the first since 2006.

And then Shani Davis tweeted.

Hamlin was chosen to be the USA flag bearer after a vote by her teammates.

Davis did not take part in the opening ceremony. Davis believes that he was more than qualified to be the flag bearer, tweeting that the coin toss was done "dishonorably".

"They're really pumped", she said.

After arriving on Kim Jong-un's personal jet at the South's Incheon International Airport, she travelled to Pyeongchang to attend the games' opening ceremony. She will lead the cohort of 244 athletes - the largest team ever fielded by the USA - during Friday's Parade of Nations. He's now a five-time Olympian, with two gold medals and two silver medals in his collection.

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