It's National Pizza Day! Celebrate with these deals

Margie’s Money Saver National Pizza Day deals

Margie’s Money Saver National Pizza Day deals

National Pizza Day is here, and pretty much every pizza chain is celebrating - even stores like Whole Foods and Baskin-Robbins are getting in on the action. Call ahead to ensure these coupons and deals are valid at your local restaurant.

On Friday, get a free sampling at Baskin Robbins of their polar pizza ice cream treat.

Chuck E. Cheese's is constantly updating its printable pizza coupons. Use the app to earn freebies and get other discounts. Instead of bread, California Pizza Kitchen will offer caulilflower crust as an option. Starting tomorrow, it'll cost $2.50 to upgrade to the lighter crust. As we get closer to 2/9, there will be more deals added to this list. Dominos allows you to choose two menu items for $5.99 each. The frozen pizza comes with a wide range of varieties and toppings, which is driving the consumers for frozen pizza over conventional pizza. Join the club at You can find them all here, based on your location. Available nationwide, prices start at $8.99. If that's not enough pizza - and let's be real, there's never enough - you can opt for the $10 duel layer pepperoni pizza.

Stop by Round Table Pizza for a free personal pizza when you buy a Pepsi fountain drink purchase from 2-5 PM.

At Pizza Hut, rewards members get 30 percent off all pizzas on Friday.

Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut lists its current deals here, including an online-only special for a $7.99 large two-topping pizza. There's also a pick two deal on any pizza and Topperstix for $9.99 each.

So, what better way to celebrate than grabbing a slice of your own? Sign up at

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