Watch Behind the Scenes of the reveal of Nigeria's World Cup Kit

Marcus Rashford in the 2018 England home kit

Marcus Rashford in the 2018 England home kit

With so many iconic kits making their debuts at previous World Cups, brands are all hoping they are able to create "a classic" strip.

At an event in London today with The18 on hand, Nike released the 2018 England World Cup kits.

"I can see the players going insane over this one", Mikel said when he was shown the national side's home shirt, in Nigeria's famous dark green with an eye-catching neon logo.

Quintessentially English font styles were selected - Johnston and Gil Sans - for the player names and numbers stitched into each shirt.

So, nothing particularly ground-breaking or memorable but a batch of inoffensively trim kits to unleash on the world stage 124 days from now.

Well, it has now been revealed that the new replica kit will be their most expensive ever at nearly £110, according to The Telegraph.

The new England kits carry on the succession of attractive Three Lions uniforms Nike have produced since they became England's kit maker in a £400m deal in 2016.

Inspired by the popular home shirt England players wore in the 1982 World Cup, many questioned why the design hadn't been used as the new home shirt.

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