Netanyahu Slams Police Chief Over Criminal Allegation 'Hints'

The Israeli government on Sunday began warning thousands of African migrants to leave the country by the end of March

The Israeli government on Sunday began warning thousands of African migrants to leave the country by the end of March

Benjamin Netanyahu has attacked Israel's police chief ahead of an expected announcement regarding a corruption investigation into the Prime Minister.

A government committee had determined that the export of cannabis would bring between 285 million to $1.14 billion a year to the Israeli economy, according to the report. If they do recommend an indictment, it will then, as Netanyahu indicated in his Facebook post, be up to the attorney general to decide whether to move forward. Netanyahu said it was the job of Israel's attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, and not police to determine if charges are appropriate.

He also referred to claims that sexual harassment allegations against the head of the unit investigating Netanyahu were an attempt to smear him because of the graft probe.

Netanyahu himself is no stranger to investigations: In 1997, during his first term, police wanted him to stand trial in an influence-peddling case involving the appointment of an attorney general. The Saturday poll by Hadashot TV news also showed that up to 60 percent of Israelis want the Prime Minister to step down if police recommend indicting Netanyahu.

His wife allegedly received bottles of pink champagne.

Police will not present a recommendation on another case alleging Netanyahu negotiated with Yediot Aharonot publisher Arnon "Noni" Mozes for favorable coverage, Channel 2 said.

Hours before Alsheich's interview was broadcast, Netanyahu hit back at media reports that said police believe there is sufficient evidence to charge him with taking bribes, fraud, and breach of trust, saying the legal authorities will ultimately conclude that "there is nothing". We expect 'recommendations, ' we know there will be signs reading 'Netanyahu go home, ' and all sorts of pressures.

Political tensions are on the rise in Israel as the anti-corruption investigation into the Prime Minister is reportedly entering its final phase and may result in the forced resignation of the country's long-standing leader. While Netanyahu has not been named as a suspect in that case, members of his close circle have been arrested.

Throughout the investigation into both matters, Netanyahu has maintained that he has not committed any wrongdoing.

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