'Overwatch' update adds Thailand-inspired Capture the Flag map

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Blizzard Reveals Details of the Overwatch Lunar New Year Event

"Overwatch" game director Jeff Kaplan, in the latest Developer Update video, talked about the upcoming Year of the Dog event. This included skins, sprays, voice lines, achievements, and the crown jewel: a new game mode, Capture the Flag.

The new map is called "Ayutthaya", and is based in Thailand. The map is "absolutely gorgeous" according to Kaplan, with one side featuring an ancient look and the other with a more modern design.

"The biggest and best part of the Year of the Dog celebration, in my opinion, is a brand new map that we'll be bringing you", he explains. "For example, Winston's leap will [make you] drop the flag". First, Blizzard made a decision to give up on the Draws, adding a new mechanic. It's a longer period than usual, as Jeff notes that travel arrangements for families during the holiday kept players from experiencing as much of the event as they would have liked. It has tie-in animated shorts and digital comics for those who admire the game from afar, and is building and honing new modes for active players.

With this update, if a match ends in a draw, the teams will be taken to a sudden death round.

As a result, flags will now move to the centre of the map allowing for either team to score the winning point. By October 2017, developer Blizzard Entertainment reported an individual player count of 35 million.

In the meantime, gamers will not have to wait to try and capture an enemy flag and just grab it from the get-go. Simply touching the flag will be enough to pick it up.

"These abilities are limited to things that either give you invulnerability or give you great mobility". The map, which will be Thailand is said to be one of the most visually attractive and impressive produced for the game to date.

If these changes aren't dramatic enough, Kaplan revealed that CTF will now have a competitive mode. I wouldn't be surprised if by this time next year, CTF became a standard mode, always available for players to enjoy. Blizzard is also planning a four-week competitive season dedicated to Capture the Flag. Last year's event, Year of the Rooster, was themed after Journey to the West and introduced several skins influenced by the classic Chinese novel. Looking forward to this new seasonal event?

On the subject of new outfits, Kaplan promises six new legendary skins, two of which will be reserved for Mercy and Genji.

But what fans really want to see are the new skins, which should hopefully leak before the event goes live.

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