Nicole Eggert Details Scott Baio Sexual Abuse Allegations to Megyn Kelly

Scott Baio's Wife Renee Fires Back at Nicole Eggert's Molestation Claims

Scott Baio Fumes Against Nicole Eggert in 16-Minute Video Rebuking Her Molestation Claims

"For me it was always protecting the show", Eggert said, defending herself from those who say she was consensually involved with Baio, and has spoken positively about him in previous interviews.

Nicole Eggert and Scott Baio are in a war because the former "Baywatch" actress claims Baio "messed around" with her when she was under 18-years-old, which he staunchly denies ... and The Blast has obtained the video that started the entire feud. He told Megyn Kelly Today that he still stands behind his tweets, however he did not experience sexual abuse and his abuse did not come from Baio.

Baio has not publicly commented on social media since this interview.

Just minutes after Eggert's tweet, Baio's wife, Renee, spoke out against Eggert on Twitter, then Baio went to Facebook Live with "proof" that Eggert's story wasn't true.

Eggert gave the interview on January 10th, and says that Baio told her he could help her get ready for sexual relations with boys her own age (Baio is eleven years older than Eggert), and she agreed, but it was awkward - calling it a "goodbye action". And, you know - also he was telling me, you know, 'You can't tell anybody, this is illegal, I'll go to jail. "That is when the sexual touching and abuse started, after that".

She said, "I was very young, and it was shocking". It wasn't a hold me down, rape me kind of situation, no, not at all. He says they had a consensual relationship when Eggert was 18. She told me it was much worse than she described on air. Her platform was Twitter, and she wrote: "Ask @scottbaio what happened in his garage at his house when I was a minor". Eggert admits she was a willing participant, but felt uncomfortable because she was so young.

Bloom said Baio may face legal consequences, and Eggert reinforced that threat in responding to him telling her that if she has a case, go to the police. He said that Eggert had previously stated that the two had sex "way, way after Charles in Charge was off the air". He called her allegations "100% lies" before issuing a full rebuttal on his Facebook page on Sunday.

Baio, 57, who was in his 20s when he played Eggert's nanny on the 1980s sitcom, denied her story and accused Eggert of damaging his reputation.

Kelly also showed that former Charles In Charge actors Alexander Polinsky and Andy Carl both said Eggert had told them about the abuse.

On Tuesday's Megyn Kelly Today, Kelly also interviewed filmmaker Jennifer Jarosik, who alleges music mogul Russell Simmons sexually assaulted her twice - once in 2011 in his office in NY, and another time at his home in Los Angeles in 2016. "She said, 'he molested me as a child and I didn't know any better'".

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