Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Launches Next Week


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Launches On February 9 For iOS And Android

Last year, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition for mobile devices, a version of the huge console JRPG retold episodically with cute chibi characters and a reduced scope. A listing for the game went live on the Google Play Store in August a year ago but it didn't mention a release date for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Mobile-friendly touch controls will let you "tap to move, tap to talk, and tap to fight", the listing reads. It features the complete story of Final Fantasy XV told in 10 separate chapters.

The prince sets forth for his wedding on the eve of the signing ceremony, sent off by his father, King Regis. Chapters 2 & 3 will be $0.99 a piece, while the remaining seven chapters will cost $2.99 a pop. Today, we're learning when Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition will launch, and it's a lot sooner than many of us probably expected. The Android version should also be out the same day. If you'd prefer to unlock all of the game's content at once, you can purchase all 10 chapters for $19.99 which works out to about $10 in savings.

If the date mentioned in a new App Store listing is anything to go by, it appears that the Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition release date has been revealed. That includes the first of the ten chapters for free, but you'll have to pay for the rest.

In order to run the game, you'll need either an iOS device running iOS 11.1 or later, or an Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

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