Macron: 'Brexit? I'd love to welcome you back'

Macron: 'Brexit? I'd love to welcome you back'

Macron: 'Brexit? I'd love to welcome you back'

Mr Macron told Marr the United Kingdom would have to contribute to if they wanted to protect their financial services.

Macron told reporters that the France and Britain were now fighting wars together, a reference to cooperation between the two former European adversaries against armed Islamist movements including in countries Mali.

French President Emmanuel Macron has added his voice to "shithole" remarks made by controversial US President Donald Trump which has drawn worldwide anger and criticism. "Probably, yes. In a similar context, but we have a very different context in France".

Macron spoke of the "risks" in having a "yes or no" referendum, saying he wouldn't "want to take any bets" if France held their own poll.

"It's a mistake when you just ask yes or no when you don't ask people how to improve the situation and explain how to improve it", he said.

His comments echo those he made during a meeting Thursday in which he and Mrs May pledged closer cooperation on defense and border security after Britain leaves the European Union in March 2019. "Towards free market without any rules and any convergence".

Macron added that Trump was "not a classical politician" and was "elected by his humoring people".

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show this morning, McDonnell shut down the idea, which has been suggested by French President Emmanuel Macron.

When he was questioned on whether there should be a bespoke special solution for Britain, Macron said: "Sure, but this special way should be consistent with the preservation of the single market and our collective interests".

Mr McDonnell suggested Mr Macron was being "fairly hard-nosed" about the EU's approach to United Kingdom financial services as he predicted a "softening" once Brexit negotiations on a future relationship begin. She has, however, noted that a comprehensive trade deal covering goods and services is in the interest of both the United Kingdom and EU.

Mr Macron's suggestion is not the first time he has warned French voters might seek a "Frexit".

The Elysee official said the loan fitted into Macron's strategy for the revival of European sovereignty and democracy, detailed in a speech in Athens in September past year during which he spoke about the importance of cultural and historic ties between European nations.

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