TV crew arrested for fake bomb at Newark Airport

TV film crew arrested by TSA for intentionally bringing fake explosive to airport

Fake-bomb TV crew held at New Jersey airport

According to the TSA, the people claimed they were working on a television show together and tried to see if they'd be able to get what appeared to be a fake bomb through Newark Airport's security without getting noticed.

The device was made from PVC pipe, a hose and parts from a vacuum cleaner - "all the markings of an improvised explosive device", a spokeswoman from the TSA told the Daily News.

"At least seven individuals have been arrested by Port Authority Police after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers detected a suspicious item in a carry-on bag", TSA said in a statement. "Farbstein says the alleged TV crew members were arrested on multiple charges and face possible civil penalties by the TSA".

"This type of stunt is reckless, dangerous, uninformed and totally insensitive to the reality of the terror threat we face". They expected to record the panic and disarray the discovery of a "bomb" in the airport may cause and use it for a reality TV show. Their ploy seems to have gotten out of hand, as a TSA bomb tech was at the checkpoint and had the pranksters arrested after examining the device and deeming it a fake.

According to, a film crew contracted by USA cable network CNBC attempted to smuggle a PVC pipe with wires sticking out of it in a carry-on bag while covertly filming.

The crew reportedly wanted to covertly film themselves going through a security checkpoint with the fake device.

Endemol Shine North America, the production company behind Staten Island Hustle, released a statement late on Thursday about the incident.

CNN reached out to the show's production company, which released in a statement that it was "in contact with relevant authorities on the ground" but was "unable to comment further".

"Staten Island Hustle" will air on CNBC, and it "centers on a group of life-long friends and investors from Staten Island", Variety reported.

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