Jeremy Corbyn: Our relationship with U.S. not that special

House in order? Chris Williamson has failed to declare his second home in Derby which he bought with his partner and is believed to rent out

House in order? Chris Williamson has failed to declare his second home in Derby which he bought with his partner and is believed to rent out

The poll was topped by a Manchester councillor, Yasmine Dar, with 68,388 votes.

"My hope is that Jon Lansman will not try to run the Labour Party like he runs Momentum".

On Thursday Farage angered many Brexiters, and many in Ukip, when he said he was coming round to the view that the country might need to hold a second referendum in order to close down the European Union argument for good.

The NEC sets Labour's rules and signs off on disciplinary action.

Lansman's victory some 37 years later has unsettled some moderate Labour MPs who fear challenges to their own positions if mandatory reselections are introduced. "Now let's have mandatory selections of all MP candidates in every parliament".

The closest runner-up was the comedian Eddie Izzard with 39,508 votes.

Ms Shawcroft has been a Labour member for 20 years, holding several officer roles within the party.

Veteran activist Mr Lansman, who came second behind Ms Dar, Tweeted: "Really honoured to now represent nearly 600,000 members on the national executive of Labour - at last the 21st century version of the socialist party I joined 44 years ago".

The election is seen to have strengthened Corbyn's base within the party.

"Thank you to party members who have voted for me in large numbers".

'Defending the core values of our party and shifting the balance of power towards members is the way forward'.

The Labour leader pointedly avoided ruling out support for another national vote when the shape of a proposed deal with the European Union becomes clear.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard and United Kingdom party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Glasgow.

"This election has been an opportunity to talk about some of the important issues facing our party and country, and I'm proud to have run a positive, energetic campaign with ideas on how to open up politics and give excluded groups in society more of a voice in our party and country".

Results for the National Executive Committee elections were announced January 15 after voting closed on January 12.

Also missing out in today's results were Johanna Baxter, Gurinder Singh Josan, Nick Donovan, Nicola Morrison and Sarah Taylor.

Jon Lansman - the arch leftie founder of the Momentum campaign group - beat off comic Eddie Izzard for a slot on the NEC.

Meanwhile, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said that if 90% of people were calling for another vote, it would present a challenge "for all of us who are democrats".

His election will help to tighten the Labour leader's grip on the party's internal structures.

However he told Julia this morning that he " "wouldn't advocate Momentum trying to replace all Labour MPs with Momentum MPs". He once promised Britain would be "front of the queue" to secure a new trade deal after Brexit, and Theresa May was the first leader to visit the White House after his inauguration.

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