AAA: Gas prices up in RI, Mass. due to cold weather

GasBuddy Predicts Jump in Price

Gas expected to rise five cents per litre in 2018

Including the change in gas prices in CT during the past week, prices yesterday were 20.0 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 0.7 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. Historically, gas prices rise 30-75 cents during spring maintenance season, due to the supply reduction and summer-blend switch. However, the higher prices have not fully made their way to the pump.

Find the most up-to-date local gas prices with the AAA Fuel Finder by logging onto and clicking on Gas Saving Tips & Tools. This is $130 more than they did past year. "2018 promises to be another year that petroleum products leads the way in pushing up the overall cost of living for Canadians, setting in motion inflationary pressures that could, in turn, lead to higher interest rates", says McTeague. According to Gas Buddy, gas prices will not break a record.

"It looks like two refineries have run into some more trouble in the U.S. and that could lead to keeping those prices where they are", McTeague said.

DeHaan says we could be soon feeling the effects of a decision made by OPEC, the organization of petroleum exporting countries. However, it was thanks to refineries inputting record amounts of oil, churning out refined products at incredible pace. Gas prices rose above $4 that summer.

Of two men asked while they were gassing up at the Chevron station on the 1100 block of Oakdale Road, one took the high prices in stride, while the other was "pissed off". GasBuddy's predictions have been pretty accurate in recent years.

Gas prices have held relatively steady, during the first seven days of the year. He recommends that people shop around before they purchase gas. "We spend thousands of dollars a year filling the tank, a dime or quarter per gallon adds up to hundreds of dollars", DeHaan said.

Driving a vehicle is nearly a necessity in this day in age.

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