Where to Watch Overwatch League

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Where to Watch Overwatch League

This will definitely come in handy as the league's first match between San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant will be kicking off at 02:00 am local South African time this coming Thursday, 11 January 2018, and this means that if you were so inclined, you wouldn't even have to leave the snug comfort of your bed to enjoy it. In total, that's technically 312 new color variant skins available; one for each hero per team's color scheme.

The news was revealed during the Overwatch League opening conference, however they've not revealed any specific time for when this new update will go live into the game.

All things considered, while plenty of other games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends already have a commanding presence in the eSports scene, it's the Overwatch League that has the most potential to bring these kinds of professional gaming competitions to mainstream audiences unaware of their existence.

Like all the other Overwatch events we've seen over the years, the Overwatch League will have skins, allowing spectators to distinguish between one team from another.

Overwatch League skins are now available on Overwatch's live server. 100 League tokens buys you a skin. This two-year deal, which encompasses the entirety of the league's first two seasons, makes that a reality.

Where to Watch Overwatch League
Where to Watch Overwatch League

"Our fans love to engage with content on Twitch, and we wanted to drive significant viewership of the Overwatch League in its inaugural season and beyond", said Armin Zerza, COO of Blizzard Entertainment.

Activision Blizzard said the deal was great "for our growing global fan base". Sources familiar with Blizzard's plans told ESPN the league has signed a deal with another Chinese broadcaster, but the partner was not specified and Activision Blizzard did not announce that on Tuesday.

"The Overwatch League is making a major impact on esports by reshaping the industry with city-based teams", said Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch.

Hometown pride won't be part of the first season of games, which will all take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, in Burbank, California. The full schedule and information about ticket sales can be found at https://overwatchleague.com/ or you can look at the listings down here.

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