Viral Video of Frozen Alligators Spreads Like Wildfire Online

Image courtesy of WKRG  Shallotte River Swamp Park

Image courtesy of WKRG Shallotte River Swamp Park

According to experts, the alligators instinctively know when the water is about to freeze and before that happens they stick their noses over the surface. 'Pretty awesome. ... Look at those teeth.

"These guys are diehard just fantastic survivors and this is just one more example of that", he said.

The video shows several alligator snouts sticking out of the park's frozen pond - a deep freeze caused by a cold front that covered most of the Eastern United States last week.

The video has more than 200,000 views since the swamp park posted the video of the frozen alligators on Facebook on Sunday. Officials with the park say when the water or air temperature is too low for them to be active, they go into a state of brumation, similar to hibernation.

Alligators living at the Shallotte River Swamp Park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, have adapted to the state's unusual weather by poking their noses through the ice to survive.

During that time, the alligators will stay at the bottom of the body of water. According to experts, it's not likely the animal will react in such a situation, at least not while the water was still frozen around it. The creatures lower their body temperature and metabolism so they can survive.

When it gets warm again and the ice melts, the alligators will start thermoregulating their body temperatures.

North Carolina is the furthest north the alligator species would travel.

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