Terrified passengers scream as two planes collide at Toronto Airport

Plane Crash Sparks Explosion and Panic at Toronto Pearson AirportMore

Plane Crash Sparks Explosion and Panic at Toronto Pearson AirportMore

Two passenger jets collided at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Saturday, creating a fireball that sent passengers scrambling before they were evacuated on emergency slides.

The arriving plane was carrying 168 passengers and six crew members when the other aircraft backed into it, CBC News reported.

WestJet Flight 2425, carrying 174 people from Cancun, was waiting to taxi to an arrival gate when a Sunwing aircraft backed into it Friday night (Jan. 5).

Instagram user Stephen Belford posted a video from inside Westjet's Boeing, showing a fire and shaken passengers as the crew prepared the evacuation.

A spokeswoman said the WestJet passengers were evacuated from the aircraft and were safely in the terminal and clearing customs shortly after the collision.

Westjet responded on Twitter soon after the evacuation, "Due to the position of the aircraft on the laneway, WestJet guests required evacuation via emergency slide".

The video shows the flames coming out of the plane's wing.

When the incident happened, the temperatures in the city were as low as -21 C, making the evacuation more hard.

Canada's Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.

The airport had said that the operations did not have a major effect by the accident, although due to the extreme cold conditions, it was challenging.

No passengers or crew were hurt, but Beverly MacDonald, a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, said an airport firefighter was hospitalized with unspecified injuries.

"And then it set in that it's not steam, it's gas", a passenger said to CTV News.

'Out of nowhere there was an audible crunch and the plane rocked slightly, ' reports CBC News. "After a couple of seconds the entire thing ignited and it was chaos inside the plane".

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