CES 2018: HTC announces Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adapter

HTC Vive comes to India


The HTC Vive Pro will also incorporate speakers similarly to the way they are implemented in headsets from competitor Oculus Rift.

"You could argue and say there are a lot of games out there, even businesses are adopting VR. but it's not almost enough".

Viveport VR is available in Early Access for you to try out.

HTC may be announcing a new version of its HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

HTC also announced a wireless component to this equation for both the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro.

The headphones that for the HTC Vive were a separate purchase are now included as a standard with HTC Vive Pro. As they state, HTC intends to provide information on the availability and price of the new VR headset after CES. While there have been third-party add-ons that turn the Vive wireless, HTC is offering an official accessory.

The new headset has a 2880 x 1600 resolution - 3K - which for all you maths fans is a 78% increase on the existing 2160×1200 resolution, as HTC points out.

HTC says the Vive Pro also offers dual microphones with active noise cancellation and dual front-facing cameras.

In good news for resolution-hungry owners of the original, HTC confirmed that the Vive Pro will be available in a headset-only SKU, and that it will remain compatible with existing HTC Vive tracking boxes and wands. Still, if we're looking at 1,440 x 1,600 per eye just two years on from the initial HTC Vive announcement, it won't take too long for 4K to come along.

These advancements deliver on VR users' desire for higher resolution, improved audio, greater comfort, wireless freedom and immersive content discovery.

Vive Pro also features built-in, high-performance headphones with an in-line amplifier to offer a heightened sense of presence and an overall richer sound. This piece of equipment will operat in the interference-free 60Ghz band, says HTC, and will be up to "the most discerning quality bar for home users and business VR customers", so says Frank Soqui, General Manager Virtual Reality Group at Intel Corporation.

The Vive Pro and the wireless adaptor are two features that may help foster more interest from mainstream consumers. It works with both the Vive and the Vive Pro and will be coming sometime this summer.

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