LaVar Ball Says Lakers No Longer Want To Play for Luke Walton

LaVar added that he expects LeBron James to come to the Lakers because coming to the Lakers and winning a championship with a third team would be the only way James could surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever. They've gone from looking like a scrappy team to a night off at this point in the season and they won't be keeping their draft pick this summer.

Walton disregarded the constant criticism coming from his star rookie's father, "I'm fine with it, it doesn't both me". "Luke doesn't have control of the team no more". "I think the players are playing very hard, we've been through a hard stretch, but they are giving us what they have and we're going to keep working and we'll be fine".

"That's a good team".

"Nobody wants to play for him".

Ball said you can see Walton "doesn't have control of the team" and he is no longer connecting with the players, citing the way players react to substitutions as proof of this. No high-fives when they come out of the game. The elder Ball has said that the Lakers' coaching staff is "soft" and doesn't know how to coach his son, and he expressed his displeasure with how Walton was using his son in the fourth quarter of games. He's too young, he's too young.

"He ain't connecting with them anymore".

Ball apparently based his opinion on the oft-used sports cliché of "body language", after seeing how his son Lonzo Ball and other Lakers players responded on the court during a recent loss. I mean, he's our head coach.

"Lonzo looked good, but he also looked disgusted", Ball said.

Ball beefing with his sons' coaches isn't new, as he essentially got LaMelo's high school coach at Chino Hills fired after publicly feuding with him.

Lakers executives met with LaVar Ball on November 29 to ask him to tone down comments he had made questioning Walton's rotations and overall usage of his son, the No. 2 pick in June's draft. Once their feud became public, Chino Hills dropped Gilling as their coach.

Could this hurt Luke Walton? . The Lakers point guard said that when his father criticizes Walton, he does not feel the need to reach out to his head coach.

So far, the Lakers have been committed to Walton as their coach and have not shown any signs of turning away from him anytime soon.

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