January Nintendo Direct could see more than 16 games revealed

Switch Overtakes PS2's First year Sales Record in Japan

January Nintendo Direct could see more than 16 games revealed

There was a leak for a potential Nintendo Direct through EA's internal presentation which pointed towards a January Direct. This was despite Nintendo's constant dilemma of keeping a balance between the delivered number of units versus the demand. But don't be surprised if it's yet another classic title given a second chance at life, like Axelay or any given Konami franchise.

The final United Kingdom top 40 for 2017 was published earlier today, revealing a trio of Switch titles in the top ten.

Several role-playing games from Square Enix have already been announced for release in 2018, including "Dragon Quest XI" and "Dragon Quest Builders".

The hackers Plutoo, Derrek, and Naehrwert, at the 34C3 hacking conference held in Germany, have indeed confirmed that the Homebrew Launcher for Switch will soon be available and therefore on the hybrid console of Nintendo it will be possible to use unofficial apps. That screenshot betrays a crucial detail, as many of these listings are accompanied by text that says "Just announced at the Nintendo Switch event". Within the last quarter of the year, the anniversary game titled "Mega Man 11" is expected to launch. That will only be the case if Nintendo continues to produce games we all think it's worth buying a Switch to play them on.

It is worth adding that in the top 20 best sellers list, Nintendo Switch is the only console present. As for Nintendo, the video game company is also expected to introduce their very own "Kirby Star Allies" exclusive on the portable console before 2018 ends. Considering that the Switch is already doing something no other console now does (namely, being both a living room console, and a competent hand-held device), this statement is certainly going to stir up some excitement for the future capabilities of the Switch.

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