Aspen Neighbors Hung a Gay Pride Flag in Mike Pence's Driveway

Lawmaker: Pence to play key role in 2018 elections

Mike Pence's neighbors put up a clever banner to protest his homophobia

Gay activists placed a rainbow flag at the driveway of Vice President Michael Pence's Colorado home.

Neighbors didn't return a request for comment from The Aspen Times, but resident Shannon Slade, did say in an e-mail to the publication that the flag was hung by "daughters of the couple who live in the home, and one of their girlfriends with the full support of their parents".

"He was real sheepish and thought he might be confronted by the Secret Service or deputies who'd tell him he couldn't do it", DiSalvo said.

He said the man and other neighbours have been "really nice" to authorities.

This isn't the first time that Pence's neighbours have taken it upon themselves to deliver a message of LGBTQ tolerance to the staunchly conservative Republican. Pence also as a history of opposing the LGBT community. The neighbors in that area openly protested Pence by hanging up rainbow flags outside their homes.

Pence has regularly been criticized for signing a law as IN governor that many say sanctions discrimination against LGBTQ customers.

A paragraph on Pence's campaign website when he ran for Congress in 2000 fueled speculations that he is an advocate of conversion therapy, a practice of trying to change someone's sexual orientation that is banned in several states and discredited by medical organizations.

Pence has always been a critic of gay rights. He has opposed legislation prohibiting discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in the workplace. DiSalvo noted that when former president Bill Clinton visited Aspen in the mid-1990s, someone hung a sign that said "Inhale to the Chief" on a large spruce tree.

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