Suspect drives off pier while running from police

Man Fleeing Police Drives Pickup Off Astoria Pier

Suspect drives off pier while running from police

A man was being chased by police so he chose to drive his vehicle into a river to get away.

When they approached Erofeeff to take him into custody for a Deschutes County parole violation, he sped off down a dock in his truck and drove it into the Columbia River.

Timofey Erofeeff, 27, from Scotts Mills in Marion County, had been spotted trespassing on boats.

Timofey Erofeeff is facing numerous charges after driving his truck off a pier in Oregon.

Officers responded to North Tongue Point at 10 reports of a man in a red Ford F150 who had possibly been trespassing on boats, according to television station KPTV in Portland.

He is charged with six counts, including attempt to elude, criminal trespass, escape, interfering with an officer, offensive littering and reckless driving.

He couldn't cross the river, and he would have frozen to death if he stayed in the water, so he swam back to shore.

Erofeeff reportedly tried to swim a few hundred feet before changing his mind.

When he reached the pier, he couldn't even climb back up-the pier was too tall.

The truck has not been recovered from the river. He was fished out of the water by WTC Marine employees in a skiff. "Mr. Erofeeff should be thankful too".

He was taken to a local hospital for treatment for hypothermia before he was booked.

Police in OR said a burglary suspect was arrested after driving his truck off a pier and into a river while fleeing from officers.

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