IPhone Battery: Slow Down or Die?

IPhone Battery: Slow Down or Die?

IPhone Battery: Slow Down or Die?

Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit, after admitting it deliberately slows down older models of iPhones.

The case was filed by Stefan Bogdanovich and Dakota Speas who hope to convince the court it should cover everyone with an iPhone 7 and earlier, according to CNBC.

Apple just got caught red-handed doing something that all Apple fans had long suspected: the company has been stifling the performance of older iPhones.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit. The latter suit accuses Apple of "deceptive, immoral, and unethical" practices and claims Apple's iOS updates "purposefully slow down or "throttle down" the performance speeds" of iPhones. After Apple released its official statement where the tech giant detailed that it was slowing down iPhones in exchange for better battery life, it did not take long for a lawsuit to be aimed at the company. Instead, Apple is only attempting to fix a known issue with iPhone battery degradation.

Apple rubbished those claims, and stressed that their only goal is to enhance the customers experience.

Essentially, Apple says that at peak times of performance, older lithium-ion batteries are unable to handle demands, which results in the entire device shutting down to "protect its electronic components". The price is $79, plus $6.95 shipping, subject to local tax.

For instance, Todd Haselton at CNBC says Apple should replace iPhone batteries at no charge as to guarantee users a "certain level of performance for the lifetime of a product".

iPhone users have begun racing to courthouses, infuriated by an Apple software update that slowed down the operation of their smartphones.

Two people from Chicago, along with residents of Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina, claim that Apple's iOS updates were created to "purposefully slow down the performance speeds" of the phones "fraudulently forcing iPhone owners to purchase the latest model offered by Apple". While this case seems to be focused primarily on the iPhone 7 - which just recently was updated with the battery/performance balancing feature - we have to imagine this won't be the only lawsuit Apple sees because of this feature.

The company said it was to stop phones with degraded batteries from shutting down unexpectedly - not to push frustrated customers into upgrading.

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