Facebook is giving the U.S. government more and more data


Facebook law enforcement takedowns quadrupled in six months because of a school shooting video

The report also includes the same categories of information we've disclosed in the past, with updates on government requests for account data, content restrictions, and internet disruptions. According to the social networking giant, the request for account data surged 21% across the globe, compared to the latter half of 2016. The governments of these countries had more than 50 percent of their requests granted. In the second half of a year ago, that figure stood at 64,276.

Over 57% of the account data requests came with a non-disclosure order.

"We continue to carefully scrutinise each request we receive for account data - whether from an authority in the US, Europe, or elsewhere - to make sure it is legally sufficient".

Facebook also announced on Monday that it removed almost 3 million posts, including videos, ads and other forms of content, from its services during the period under review, following complaints of counterfeiting and copyright and trademark infringement. Fifty-seven percent of the data requests we received from law enforcement in the USA contained a non-disclosure order that prohibited us from notifying the user, up from 50% in our last report.

The U.S., India, UK, Germany, and France were the most dynamic in making information demands, representing 41 percent, 12 percent, nine percent, seven percent and six percent of the numbers, individually.

Numerous requests were from police forces investigating crimes or responding to emergencies. H1 saw a huge leap in data restrictions, up to 28,036 from 6,944 in H2 2016, but most of this can be traced back to a single event, a school shooting in Mexico which resulting in Facebook restricting 20,506 pieces of content.

This is not a new trend, and it's not unique to Facebook.

Pakistan's Government request for restricting content sharply increased as compared to a year ago.

It would have been good to get additional information about requests for data from Facebook's other properties including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, she said. About 60 percent of the reports related to suspected copyright violations on Facebook. Based on legal requests from the Pakistan Telecom Authority and Federal Investigation Agency, Facebook restricted access to items that were alleged to violate local laws prohibiting blasphemy and condemnation of the country's independence.

Facebook removed 1,818,794 posts due to copyright infringement from the site in that period, and 685,996 posts from Instagram because of copyright infringement.

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