Will fight BJP's politics of 'anger' with love: New Congress President Rahul

Rahul Gandhi is the new president of the Congress party

Rahul Gandhi is the new president of the Congress party

Speaking of expansion of the party and his intent to democratise its functioning further, Rahul Gandhi said, "We would like to bring in as many new faces, young faces, exciting faces and dynamic faces (as we could)". There are a large number of new people that we have to bring forward.

Rahul, who described himself as an "idealist like many Indians", committed the Congress to standing up for everyone. "They (BJP) crush voices but we allow them to speak, they defame, we respect and defend", added Gandhi.

The Gandhi scion said it was very hard to douse a fire once ignited and that this was exactly what they were trying to make BJP leaders understand. I was anxious on how to uphold the heritage of the party.

Rahul Gandhi after being sworn in as new Congress President. That is what we are telling the people of BJP, that if you set the nation on fire it will be hard to control. He said that the people of the country have seen how the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has handled trade, industry and agriculture sector in the country on the brink of destruction of these sectors. We consider the BJP as our brothers and sisters, but we do not agree with them.

This ugly violence in the country, he says, has "shamed us" in the world as India's philosophy and history, born out of love and compassion, are being tarnished by such horror. "You have chosen Rahul as your leader… I am proud of his endurance and firmness and I am confident he will lead the party with a pure heart, patience and devotion", Sonia said.

Rahul asked party workers to become an instrument of dialogue between people of all castes, religions, regions and ages and invited youths across the country to join the Congress in building an India of love and brotherhood.

"We fight for everyone...we fight for those who can not fight alone and our struggle has always been one of brotherhood and of love...we will never allow the democratic dreams and longings of our people, not one of them, to ever be silenced", he said.

In his first speech after officially taking over as Congress president on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking India down a "medieval path" and that people are being "butchered" for what they eat. The moment you challenge the structure of power to stand with the power, you are attacked.

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