Google Chrome Silences Autoplay Videos

Chrome 64 beta adds stronger pop-up blocker, sitewide audio muting, Windows 10 HDR video

New Chrome update lets you easily mute autoplay videos, stops malicious redirects, and more

Ultimately, it plans to allow autoplay videos to be blocked entirely, a feature that should come in January, reports The Verge. You can do so with just a few mouse clicks.

Even though the official announcement doesn't include a changelog, you can be sure that Google Chrome OS 63 not only brings a few new features, but it also installs bugs and security fixes as well as performance improvements. Despite the effort being to turn off the autoplay videos by default, users will still have to activate it separately for each website they access. When you want to put a website into a cone of silence, click on the icon next to the URL-typically an encircled "i" or a green padlock.

When a redirect attempt occurs, users will remain on their current page with an infobar popping up to detail the block. Here you can select "Always allow on this site" or "Always block on this site".

Once you've downloaded the beta, go to a page that autoplays video with sound - here's one. Try it, and you will find that it is very convenient and satisfying.

Chrome 64 Beta
Google Chrome soon to get ability to mute autoplay videos, improved features

Google will soon crack down on unwanted contents that pester users of the Chrome web browser.

All of these features will be part of the Chrome Beta which means that you'll have to participate in it if you're looking to take advantage of it. Furthermore, Google provided a portal for site owners to know if they are engaged in new prohibited practices. On the utility side, there is a new HDR video playback support for Windows 10 devices that are run in HDR mode. Also, Chrome's pop-up blocker will now prevent sites with reported abusive experiences from opening new tabs or windows.

As for our concerns in September: They still stand, but Google seems to have slowed down the pace of some of the changes it mentioned were coming. Be it disguised play buttons, annoying link show-ups or other unnecessary content; users will remain at peace from the trouble caused by all of these. Regarding pop-up blocking on Chrome 64, in case of malicious redirects, the browser will keep the user on the same web page and show the pop-up blocking activity in the information bar that will be visible during pop-ups.

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