Passenger arrested after threatening to kill everyone on Southwest flight

Angry woman threatens to kill everyone

SG YOUTUBE ANGERED A passenger threatened to kill everyone on board the plane

This is the unsettling moment a woman screams that she will "kill everyone" aboard a flight after she was caught smoking.

The incident began after airline officials say a woman attempted to smoke in the airplane bathroom and alter the smoke detector. Told to return to her seat, the woman was then seen on a video, shouting, "I will kill everybody on this f-- plane". The woman was traveling somewhere between Portland and Sacramento on December 9, and made a decision to smoke a cigarette in the bathroom, despite being instructed not to for safety purposes. She allegedly cited "anxiety" as the reason she started smoking a cigarette on the flight. She's now booked on three counts of felony criminal threats and her bail has been set at $75,000. "People were very eager to get off the plane and get away from this person", Stewart said.

"I swear it was like white knuckle the rest of the flight".

"I don't know", Curbelo said.

When Thompson asked, "Why did you try and smoke in the bathroom?", Curbello responded by saying, "the anxiety, yeah the anxiety".

Southwest explained: 'Our crew in command of Flight 2943 travelling from Portland on Saturday afternoon safely landed on-time in Sacramento following an in-flight disturbance. Pilots had declared an emergency for priority air traffic control.

'Our reports from flight attendants indicate a customer violated federal laws by both smoking on board an aircraft and by tampering with a smoke detector in an aircraft restroom.

Curbello was restrained by passengers and flight crew before being escorted off the plane and arrested upon landing, according to KOIN 6 News. Safety is always our top priority. Saturday's flight had 136 passengers and a five-person crew.

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