They're Not Whining: Man Flu Actually Exists

Man flu is a serious issue researchers have found

Man flu is a serious issue researchers have found

For instance, he cites epidemiological data from Hong Kong showing that men were more likely than women to be admitted to a hospital for any reason between 2004 and 2010, and a US study that found higher rates of flu-related deaths for men than for women between1997 and 2007.

In an attempt to explain the evolutionary reasons behind the man flu phenomenon, Dr Sue suggested that the fact women tend to choose mates with higher testosterone levels and correspondingly weaker immune systems, may account for the rise of the problem.

Ah, the "man flu" - dreaded by the men who suffer from it and the people who have to care for them.

The study examined the rate of hospital admission of men with reported flu and women with reported flu, they found evidence that adult men have a higher risk of hospital admission and higher rates of deaths associated with flu compared with women, regardless of underlying disease.

After years of enduring the dual injustices of suffering through a bout of influenza while having the females in his life cast doubt on the severity of his illness, man may now retreat to the sofa at the first sign of a sneeze, in the knowledge that at least science believes them.

A number of studies conducted of cell samples found that differences in male and female sex and stress hormones may affect influenza outcomes to the benefit of women.

Still, Klein, who was not involved in the new study, appreciates that Sue is helping to shed light on gender health differences, "which often are ignored".

Medical professional also deserve some of the blame, Sue says, since "clinical observers are more ready to...under-rate men's symptoms". Another American study also found that, all things being equal, men seem to face a higher risk for actually dying from the flu than women.

Males are also more susceptible to many acute respiratory diseases and exhibit a higher mortality.

I wonder who funded this pointless #ManFlu research?

So, are men just whiny wimps? "Is it that women are more resilient, that they are able to juggle more when they are ill, or is it that they don't have as severe symptoms?"

But he suggested that the findings to date indicate that the "man flu" has some basis in reality.

Another factor? "Studies of influenza vaccination suggest that women are more responsive to vaccination than men", the paper says, adding that additional research suggests "an immunosuppressive role for testosterone".

Quoting evolutionary theorists (and acknowledging the possibility of "author bias"), Sue wonders this: If males burnt up their energies fighting off infections, would it have been a costly distraction from their strategy of attracting sexual partners by growing bigger, stronger and faster?

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