Portkey Games announces Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for smartphones

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"Accio, Hogwarts!" Video game developer Jam City is about to deliver millions of owls that carry acceptance letters to excited Harry Potter fans. Niantic Labs, the company behind the wildly successful Pokémon Go, is expected to release a brand new augmented reality experience for the Harry Potter universe.

This time, development duties will be handled by LA based Jam City, who were previously responsible for mobile titles Family Guy: Another Freakin' Mobile Game and Avengers Academy.

Beyond the official announcement of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's existence, neither Warner Bros. nor the game's developer Jam City have provided too many details regarding the title's content. Without much more detail to go on, it sounds nearly as if "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" is more of a post-Hogwarts, Fantastic Beasts-esque kind of experience, whereas "Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Mystery" will take place within the school. Along the way, players will participate in all of the magical classes and activities they have come to love - like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Dueling Club, and more.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will launch under Warner Bros. newly-created, Portkey Games, a game label specializing in creating games around J.K. Rowling's magical world. There have been 13 Harry Potter games since 2001, all of which remained faithful to the source material from J.K. Rowling's books and the subsequent films. It has also been confirmed that most of the iconic professors will appear in the game.

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved properties in the Warner Bros. In 2018, the studio will release the second of five planned Fantastic Beasts spinoffs.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is scheduled to release sometime in 2018 for Android and iOS.

The two things that the games decidedly have in common, though, are perhaps the most important: they're both being produced by Warner Bros. with J.K. Rowling's seal of approval, and they both have promised to have "familiar faces" from the Wizarding World in their midst.

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